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How to Layer Necklaces to Elevate Your Outfit

After all these years, we feel confident calling ourselves experts in that extra layered touch that just ties a whole look together effortlessly. The best place to start is with layered necklaces and we put together Melinda’s top tips to make it easy for you.  

Be Creative and Have Fun

Layering necklaces is not just a trend; it's a way to express your individuality, infuse personality into your looks, and showcase your impeccable style. Get creative and experiment with different styles and combinations to match varying occasions and fashions. Whether you prefer delicate chains that whisper elegance or bold pendants that demand compliments, layering cute necklaces let you curate a look that is authentically and entirely you, so express yourself!

How to Layer Necklaces

Let's be real here—layering chains upon chains in a stylish way is not effortless. We get customer service questions all the time asking for advice on how to layer necklaces without everything ending up tangled.

Luckily, layering is both an art and a science. Rather than merely layering multiple necklaces, your creativity is central to what you create, but there are "rules" you can follow to achieve your best look.

Step 1: Choose the Focal Piece

Every layered necklace look needs a star player—a focal piece that steals the spotlight. Select your all-time favorite necklace or the one that perfectly complements your outfit. It could be a tennis necklace, a unique pendant, or a statement lariat. This piece is the anchor of your layered look and build around it with complementary layers that enhance your style.

Step 2: Try Different Chain Styles

The key to nailing the layered look is to experiment with different chain styles and weights, from dainty necklaces to chunky pieces. Once you have your focal point, have fun mixing and matching other necklaces of various sizes, textures, and metals to create an eye-catching contrast.  Including some variety is key. You can even mix and match fine jewelry and fashion jewelry to blend different styles.

Step 3: Choosing Chain Lengths

Achieving a perfectly layered look boils down to one thing above all else—different chain lengths. It's all about creating a cascading effect where each necklace gracefully falls at different points on your neckline. To do this, aim for varying lengths of about 2 inches between each necklace. Not only will this help to prevent tangling, but it also adds an effortlessly chic vibe to your overall look.

Bonus: Embrace Color

If your outfit leans towards neutral or monochromatic tones, try adding a vibrant pendant necklace or a colored chain to introduce a pop of color. This bold addition can make a big difference and draw attention to your styling. For maximum impact, wear your most colorful piece as the shortest necklace layer, allowing it to shine truly. 

If you’re looking for a lighter pop of color, consider mixing your metal colors for a more modern look. You can even style varying pieces of colorful gemstones like sapphires and emeralds, or even traditional diamond jewelry.

Let’s put it all together! Our perfect layered look consists of three layers:


Layer 1: Start Strong with a Shorter Infinity Necklace:


Begin with a shorter necklace to set the foundation of your layered masterpiece. This first layer provides the base upon which your other necklaces will shine.  Choose a necklace like the Samantha Chain Necklace, the Baby Baroness in Emerald or the She's So Fine Choker for an extra touch of sophistication. 


Layer 2: Let Your Pendant Necklace Shine:


For the second layer, select a pendant necklace that reflects your personality and adds a vibe to your look. The pendant necklace should sit below layer 1 and will serve as a captivating centerpiece.  Standout options include the XL You Have My Heart, the Are You Jealous pendant, or a Zodiac Constellation necklace. Or, if you want a deeply personal touch in your second layer, consider incorporating a love letter necklace, which adds a unique and sentimental look to your outfit


Layer 3: Elevate with a Longer Chain or Statement Pendant:


The final layer is your chance to make a bold statement.  Choose a longer chain or a more substantial pendant. Consider the Zodiac Amulet for a celestial touch, the What Dreams Are Made Of (Opal?) for a dreamy allure, or the regal Queens Necklace for an air of elegance. 


In fashion, there are no “official rules” but this our favorite way to get started.  Hopefully this inspires you to layer with confidence and create stunning fashion statements you can show off everyday.  Most importantly, let your creativity run wild, trust your instincts, and have fun embracing your unique style.   


We can’t wait to see what you create! Share your layers with us @MMlayers.  

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