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How to Measure Your Ring Size at Home

Ever found yourself swooning over a gorgeous ring online, only to be stumped when you go to add it to your cart? “What's my ring size?” Fear not, because we're here to demystify the art of ring sizing right from the comfort of your home!

Welcome to our comprehensive guide, where we spill the beans on 'How to Measure Ring Size and How to Buy Jewelry' like a pro. Whether you're looking to add to your ring stack, hunting for jewelry gifts for her or him, planning a surprise proposal, or simply updating your jewelry collection, getting your partner’s ring size right is as crucial as the sparkle in the stone. Prepare to unravel the mysteries of ring sizing with our best trick and a sprinkle of Melinda Maria magic. We believe there’s a ring for every finger, so let's dive into the world of perfectly sized rings.

How to Measure Your Own Ring Size

Alright, let's embark on the fun part - measuring ring size! Armed with a string and a dash of determination, the perfect fit is well within reach. Here's how to do it like a pro, right from the comfort of your home:

Measuring with String

Grab a piece of dental floss or thin string, wrap it snugly around the base of your finger, and then mark the point where the floss or string meets. The next step is to lay it flat on an even surface and measure the length in millimeters. Voila! You've got your circumference, and with the help of our handy conversion chart below, you're all set to pick the perfect ring size.

MM TIP: While using string or floss for measurements, avoid pulling them excessively tight. If stretched too much, they might give you a larger measurement than your actual ring finger size, leading to rings that end up being too big for a comfortable fit. Keep it snug but not overly tight for accurate results and a flawless ring-wearing experience

Melinda Maria's Ring Size Guide

Melinda Maria rings follow the U.S. ring size chart which means our standard ring sizes go up by 0.4 millimeters every half-size. For instance, a size 4 ring is 14.8 mm, a size 4.5 ring is 15.2 mm, and a size 5 is 15.6mm.

The sizes of women’s rings generally fall between 3 (14mm) and 10 (19.8mm), while men's rings tend to range from 7 (17.3 mm) to 14 (23 mm). Depending on the style, Melinda Maria rings can come in sizes 4 (14.8mm) and 10 (19.8mm).

Armed with your accurate ring measurement, compare the diameter or your ringer to the guide below and voila! You’re ready to shop with confidence,

How to Measure Someone Else's Ring Size

Planning a surprise or hunting for great jewelry gift ideas? We’ve got your back! Measuring someone else’s ring size doesn’t have to be a mission impossible – there are sneaky ways to get the information you need without blowing your cover or ruining the surprise.

Sneaky Ways to Measure Their Size


  • Check Out Their Existing Rings: Keep an eye out for a ring they wear on the right finger. Borrow it (stealth mode on!), measure it, and consult the ring size chart above to find the size. Just make sure it’s a ring they wear often for the best accuracy.


  • Enlist Friends or Family: Seek the help of their close ones, especially if they share the same gender and approximate finger size. Friends or family members can provide valuable insights without raising suspicion. 


  • Utilize a Ring Mandrel: If they tend to sleep deeply or have predictable routines, a plastic ring sizer (you can find them with a quick google search)  can be your best friend. Gently slide it onto their finger while they sleep and note the size indicated. 


With these subtle tactics, you can unlock the mystery of someone else's correct ring size, ensuring your proposal or gift is met with sheer delight. The key? Patience, a keen eye, and a sprinkle of creativity. 

Gift Recommendations for Your Loved Ones

Now, armed with the right size, you're ready to create a moment that will be cherished forever.

So, it’s time for the fun part: picking a ring that will light up their world.

Tailored to Perfection


  • Classic Elegance: For the timeless soul, consider a classic solitaire like the Empress Ring or a simple band like our best-selling Baby Heiress Ring. These pieces never go out of style and are perfect for everyday wear.


  • Statement Sparkle: Is your loved one a fan of all things bold and glamorous? Opt for a ring with more dazzle like the “She’s So Fine” Ring 

Consider the Metal:


  • Timeless Gold: Gold rings are a symbol of enduring love. A style like the Atlas Thick Band Ring is always in style and will always be a welcome addition to any look.


  • Stunning Silver: Go bold with the Thick Ass Ring in silver. There’s something about large, thick, wider rings in silver that are endlessly cool.

Personal Touch:


  • Pop of Color: Want something different from the usual diamond jewelry? Emeralds, Sapphires, and Opals, Oh my! The Grand Heiress Ring comes in many colors. Show them you know they’re favorite or cover your bases and get one of each for the ultimate stack.


  • So, What’s Your Sign?: Consider a ring featuring their zodiac sign for a personalized touch. Our Zodiac Constellation Rings are not only meaningful but the mother of pearl inlay adds an extra special touch to their jewelry collection.


Armed with the right size and these thoughtful ideas, you’re all set to choose a perfect ring that will be cherished forever. Whether you’re celebrating a milestone or simply expressing your love, let your choice speak volumes. Happy ring hunting!"

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