Will I earn commissions on sales made through my storefront or with my affiliate code?

Yes! You will receive a 10% commission on all sales made through your storefront or with your affiliate code. Be sure to share your storefront link and code as often and in as many places as possible to earn more!

Someone shopped through my storefront but used a better discount code than my affiliate code. Do I still get credit for that sale?

Yes! You will receive your commission as long as someone shops through your storefront, even if they use a different discount code at checkout.

Someone shopped through my storefront but used another affiliate's code at checkout, not mine. Do I still get credit for that sale?

Only one affiliate can get credit for each sale, so in this case the affiliate code used at checkout determines which person the buyer wanted to credit with the sale

When and how will I earn my commissions?

You will receive an email from Tremendous with a link to receive your monthly commission on the first business day of the following month. The sale period ends on the 29th of each month at 6:59 PM CDT, so any sales made after that time will count towards the following month.

How will I know when I have made a sale?

You will receive an email each time you make a sale. Check your dashboard via your storefront to see and track your full sales/commission stats at any point!

Where do I view my affiliate stats and content rewards?

Log into your storefront and click the 'View my dashboard' button to access your dashboard. You will be able to see commission stats (i.e. approved sales, sales amount, commissions earned), social stats (i.e. number of approved/rejected posts) and rewards earned each month.

Will a sale be attributed to me if someone shops through my storefront and doesn't use my affiliate code?

Yes! A sale made through your storefront OR with your code will count as an attributed sale.

If a customer wants to shop through your storefront and use another discount (e.g. points), it will override the 10% storefront discount, but the sale will still be attributed to you, and you will earn commission on that sale.

Do my monthly commissions include sales awaiting approval?

No, the commission stat only includes commissions made on approved sales. There is a 2-day wait period to mark orders as approved. If a sale awaiting approval is approved after 2 days, the commission from that sale will be added to your monthly commission stat.

What if I was notified that I made a sale but it didn't show up in my dashboard as an approved sale / add to my commissions?

This likely means that the buyer canceled or returned their order within the 2-day wait period to mark orders as approved. This would not be considered an approved sale, and you will not earn a commission.

How do I earn my monthly reward?

Post at least 2 times per month on Instagram and/or TikTok and tag Melinda Maria in your posts to automatically receive your $200 site credit! Instagram in-feed posts, Reels, Stories, and TikToks all count toward your credit. Your site credit code will be sent to your email within the first 3 business days of the following month.

I want to repost MM content to my IG Story – how should I do that?

Tag Melinda Maria and include the hashtag #MMAmbassador so that we can track your reposted content!

How do I add/edit the products on my page?

Log into your storefront and click the '+' button on the page to pick individual products or create a collection of products to feature on your storefront. You can feature up to 36 products at a time.

Can I share a link to an individual product or collection from my storefront?

Yes! You can copy a link to a specific product featured on your storefront or to an entire collection. If you share these links, it will also automatically apply your discount when someone shops through the link.

What is the free shipping discount code?


Can I combine the free shipping discount code with points or non-ambassador discount codes?

No, the LCSHIP discount will only combine with MM ambassador codes (e.g. welcome gift, monthly reward, referral reward).

Who do I contact if I haven't received my reward/commissions or have questions about the program?

Please email [email protected] with any questions!