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3 Summer Jewelry Trends From Top Celebs

Celebrities have access to the most extravagant and expensive jewelry in the worldthey can choose to wear anything they want, and they pick Melinda Maria. Just like you, they want to look their best but not have to get insurance and a bodyguard to follow them wherever they go. And just like you, today’s biggest stars get their favorite jewelry pieces from Hollywood’s Bling Queen because they look beautiful and don’t break the bank. 

Whether you're all about those hoop earrings, crave the edgy allure of silver, or believe that diamonds are your BFF, this is your backstage pass to the hottest celebrity-inspired jewelry trends of the season. If you’re deciding between fine jewelry vs. fashion jewelry, Melinda Maria offers the best of both worlds that provides luxury jewelry pieces without the hefty price tag. 

Pour yourself a glass of something fancy – perhaps with a hint of sparkle – and let's dive into the world of #MMgirls – where Kendall, Hailey, Selena, J.Lo, Kerry, and more take center stage in showcasing the most captivating and glamorous jewelry trends of the moment!

Big, Bold, & Silver

It seems like chunky gold has dominated the jewelry world for the last few years. Well, make some room in your jewelry collection because silver is here, and it’s bigger than ever. 

Silver pieces are all over red carpets right now, and we are here for it. Celebrity #MMGirls like Selena Gomez and Jennifer Lawrence have taken a real shine to our lightweight Silver “She’s So Smooth” Mama Hoops for the light reflecting statement they make. 

Selena Gomez in the Silver "She's So Smooth" Mama Hoops. Styled by Kate Young (@kateyoung)

Jennifer Lawrence wearing Silver "She's So Smooth" Mama Hoops. Styled by Jamie Mizrahi (@sweetbabyjamie)

Embracing this fashion trend doesn't require a red carpet event; incorporating big, bold, silver pieces into your everyday looks can make a powerful style statement. For a twist on the classic hoop design, consider the dazzling opal hoop earrings, which combine the boldness of hoops with the unique charm of opal, perfect for adding a touch of summer sparkle to your look. If hoops aren’t your thing, try a statement-making silver cuff bracelet to elevate your casual jeans and t-shirt combo. Or, do what we do and ask yourself, what would J Lo do?

Jennifer Lopez wearing two Silver Thick Ass Rings and a Silver Pave Thick Ass Ring. Styled by Rob & Mariel (@robzangardi, @marielhaenn)

By pairing sizable silver fashion rings with a monochromatic outfit, JLO creates a focal point that exudes contemporary sophistication. In other words, she’s showing up strong! The key for this jewelry trend lies in letting your silver pieces take center stage. This season, it's all about embracing the bold, channeling the silver, and leaving an impact with your impeccable, J-Lo inspired sense of style.

Be Unexpected

When it’s hot out, it can be very easy to fall into a summer outfit that consists of a shorts and tank top rut. Luckily, the right jewelry can really help you break out of the norm and expand your summer wardrobe. One of our favorite summer jewelry trends is to use unexpected shapes, which can lead to unmatched confidence.

We love seeing our home-town girl Sydney Sweeney wearing our Gabriella Triple Spike Hoop Earrings for a touch of rebellious charm. 

While Sarah Hyland embraced a more organic yet still unexpected look in our She’s a Natural 5 Drop Earrings.

Sydney Sweeney wore the Silver Gabriella Pavè Triple Spike Earrings. Styled by Molly Dickson (@mollyddickson).

Sarah Hyland wearing the new "She's A Natural" 5 Drop Earrings. Styled by Daniela Romero (@daniela_viviana)

If you’re more of a traditional hoop kind of girl, you can still go for an unexpected look like the always cool Kerry Washington. By adding the Life’s a Ball Hoops, she gets that added bit of unique flair while still wearing a traditional jewelry piece shape.

Kerry Washington wearing the Gold Life's A Ball Hoops in Jamaica

Whether you're dressing up for a night out or aiming to inject some intrigue into your everyday style, this trend offers a range of possibilities. Try adding an ear cuff like the "Oh She Fancy" Layered Diamond Ear Cuff for an effortlessly cool layered look.  No extra piercing required. 

Dripping in Teardrops (the happy ones)

Eternally in style, teardrop shaped jewelry is classic, but the latest versions are bigger, bolder, and hot as hell.  With the perfect blend of elegance and playfulness—teardrop earrings have taken the spotlight, becoming the go-to accessory for the “it” girls for every occasion. Kendall Jenner has worn her She’s So Smooth Teardrop hoops day and night.

Kendall Jenner wearing the Gold "She's So Smooth" Teardrop Hoops. Styled by Dani Michelle (@danixmichelle). 

And while she doesn’t like to play favorites, Melinda herself has been wearing the She’s So Smooth Mama Hoops nonstop this summer.  


Teardrop jewelry is a game-changer for all face shapes and hairstyles. These curvy wonders bring a touch of symmetry to round faces and a hint of edginess to angular ones. They effortlessly create an illusion of length, making you appear like you just stepped out of a high-fashion editorial. 

So no matter where you’re going, what you’re wearing, or what color carpet you’re on, these styling tips and Melinda Maria will help you shine like the star that YOU are!   Have fun and enjoy the luxury!

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