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5 Types of Bracelets & How to Wear Them

Brace yourself (pun intended) because we're about to dive into the dazzling world where we explore different types of bracelets for women. These perfect pieces of wrist candy are an easy way to add that extra touch of style to any outfit.

From the classic to the trendy, there's a wrist-worthy style for everyone. So read on to arm yourself with this fashion know-how, and let’s get those wrists stacked and styled like never before!

Tennis Bracelets

Fun Fact: The tennis bracelet got its name from a legendary tennis match involving Chris Evert, a tennis superstar known for her grace and style. During a match in 1987, her diamond bracelet snapped, and she asked the officials to pause the game until the bracelet was found. From that moment on, the "tennis bracelet" name stuck, connecting the world of tennis with jewelry forever.

Tennis bracelets are like a string of twinkling stars, delicately set with gemstones – often diamonds – that wrap around your wrist. Their simplicity adds a touch of sophistication that effortlessly transitions from day to night.

How to Style Tennis Bracelets

From Casual to Glam:

This bracelet type is like a chameleon – it works with everything. Pair one with your jeans and tee for instant chic, or stack multiple bracelets for a red carpet look at formal events.

Solo or Stacked:

Choose your vibe. Wear a single tennis bracelet for understated elegance, or layer them up for maximum impact. Experiment with different gemstones and different types of metal to curate your wrist stack.

Mix and Match:

Tennis bracelets love company. Let them mingle with your watch or other designer bracelets and rings, but keep it balanced – you want them to shine.

Any Occasion:

Tennis bracelets don't play favorites when it comes to occasions. They're just as comfortable elevating your everyday look as they are adding glamor to your evening attire.

Your Style, Your Way:

Unleash your creativity by mixing metals and gemstones. Express yourself through your bracelet stack – there's no wrong way to do it.

Whether you're hitting the town or hitting some actual tennis balls, tennis bracelets are your versatile companions, adding that touch of sparkle to your journey. So, let your wrist shine and serve up some serious style with our diamond jewelry!

Chain Bracelets

Ready to link up with style? Chain bracelets are here to add a touch of flair and a dash of attitude to your wrist game. Chains for women come in a variety of link styles, from dainty cable chains to chunky rope chains, each telling your unique story. These bracelets have stood the test of time and are as popular now as they've ever been.

How to Style Chain Bracelets

Less is More, Sometimes:

For a sleek and minimalist look, a single chain bracelet can be your go-to. It's a subtle yet impactful accessory that can elevate your outfit without stealing the show.

Layered Luxury:

Ready to embrace your inner boho? Layering multiple chain bracelets of different textures and sizes creates a chic and casual look that's perfect for laid-back days.

Texture Play:

Mixing and matching chain styles is like creating your own fashion symphony. Pair a delicate cable chain with a bold Figaro chain for a harmonious contrast that grabs attention.

Partner in Crime:

Chain bracelets make fantastic partners for your watch. Their adaptability allows them to complement a range of watch styles, from vintage to modern.

Chain bracelets might be rebels, but they're also incredibly versatile. They effortlessly fit into your style narrative, whether you're channeling a rocker vibe or adding a touch of elegance. Remember, the best thing about chain bracelets is their ability to adapt – they're the chameleons of the wrist world, ready to help you express yourself in any fashion language you choose. 

Bangles & Cuffs

Make a bold and powerful statement with bangles and cuffs – the wrist accessories that demand attention and let you express your unique style and charm in a snap! Bangles are solid and circular, while cuffs come in an open-ended design to fit your vibe. 

How to Style Bangles & Cuffs

Stack Like a Pro:

When it comes to bangles, more is more! Experiment with stacking bangles of different sizes, colors, and materials for a striking arm party that's uniquely you. Mix metals, and throw in some wooden or acrylic bangles – it's all about creating a symphony of style.

Statement Solo:

Sometimes, all you need is a single bold cuff to steal the show. Let a chunky cuff take center stage against a simple everyday outfit for an effortless and powerful look.

Arm Candy Mixology:

Why settle for one bracelet type when you can have them all? Pair bangles and cuffs with other bracelet styles, like delicate chains or tennis bracelets, for an eclectic and attention-grabbing ensemble.

Sleeve Strategy:

The length of your sleeves matters when it comes to bangles and cuffs. If you're rocking long sleeves, opt for chunkier pieces that peek out from underneath. For shorter sleeves or sleeveless tops, go for daintier bangles to keep the focus on your wrist.

Be YOU-nique:

Embrace the "arm party" trend by curating a collection of bangles and cuffs that reflect your personality. Mix and match to your heart's content, and don't hesitate to add pieces that hold sentimental value.

Bangles and cuffs are your ticket to wrist liberation. Whether you're making a grand entrance or infusing your everyday style with a touch of charm, these accessories have your back – or, rather, your wrist. So, go ahead and stack, mix, match, and let your bangles and cuffs speak volumes about your fearless fashion sense!

Hand Chains

For some reason, hand chains are often overlooked in most bracelet discussions. But we think that needs to change. It’s a hot summer jewelry item, bridging the gap between bracelets and rings. Hand chains are our little secret for transforming a look from meh to mesmerizing. Explore hand and body chains in gold and silver to complete your look.

How to Style Hand Chains

Hand-In-Hand Fit:

Select a hand chain that complements your hand shape and size. Just like rings, they should fit comfortably and accentuate your unique features.

Celebrate the Sleeveless:

Hand chains yearn to be in the spotlight. Pair them with sleeveless or short-sleeved tops to showcase their intricate design and create an effortless focal point.

Rings & Chains Symphony:

Let your hand chain become the conductor of your jewelry ensemble. Coordinate it with rings, but keep it balanced. A couple of rings can accompany your hand chain without overpowering it.

Less is More:

When styling hand chains, remember they're already attention-grabbers. Keep other wrist jewelry subtle to avoid a sensory overload. Allow your hand chain to shine as the star of the show.

Try Different Styles:

Hand chains come in various designs, from delicate to bold. Experiment with different styles to find the one that resonates with your personal aesthetic.

With hand chains, your jewelry journey extends beyond the wrist, creating a whimsical connection between your wrist and your fingers. Let your hand chain be a touch of elegance, an artistic expression that captures attention, and a delightful addition to your jewelry collection. So, slip on that hand chain, embrace the enchantment, and let your hands tell a story of their own! ✨

From the classic to the trendy to delicate and bold, embrace your designer bracelets and let them take your style game to a whole new level. 

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