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What Necklace to Wear With Big Earrings?

So, you've got these killer BIG earrings that scream "HERE I AM!" But now you're stuck wondering: what necklace do I wear?! We get it, it's a fine line between a symbiotic relationship and looking like you robbed a jewelry store. But fear not, we can help you find that elusive balance between even your biggest earrings and THE perfect statement necklace. It's like finding the yin to your yang, the peanut butter to your jelly, or the Beyoncé to your Jay-Z (okay, maybe that last one's a stretch). But you get the picture! Let's unravel this styling mystery and get you feeling balanced.

Understanding the Balance

Alright, let's talk about the delicate art of balancing those big earrings with the rest of your outfit. Think of your large statement earrings as the life of the party—they're loud, they're proud, and they're definitely making a statement. Now, the trick is to let them shine without overshadowing everything else you've got going on. It's like being the lead singer in a band—you want to stand out, but you still need your backup dancers (or in this case, your necklace) to complement your performance without stealing the spotlight.

Matching and contrasting shapes and colors are your best friends here. Picture this: you've got these bold, red statement earrings that could stop traffic. Now, instead of throwing on a necklace in the same shade and turning yourself into a human stop sign, why not opt for something in a complementary color that matches your strapless neckline or sweetheart neckline? Or, if you're feeling daring, go for a contrasting hue to add some spice to your ensemble. It's all about finding that perfect harmony between your earring style and your necklace, so you can strut your stuff with confidence wherever you go.

Here’s a Compliment

Now that we've got the basics down, let's dive into our guide on how to accessorize for the real stars of the show—necklaces that know how to play nice with big, bold earrings. At Melinda Maria, we've got a lineup of necklaces that are ready to take your outfit to the next level without stealing the spotlight from your stylish earrings.

For those days when you want your earrings to do most of the talking, a chain necklace is the perfect sidekick. Our Carrie Chain Necklace adds just the right amount of sparkle without overwhelming your look. It's understated yet edgy at its finest, allowing your stylish earrings to shine while still adding a touch of sophistication to your ensemble.

If you're looking to add a little personality to your outfit without going overboard, a pendant or charm necklace is the way to go. Take our You Are My Shining Star Pave Necklace for example. With its subtle charm and intricate detailing, it's the perfect complement to your big, bold earrings. 

Material Matters

Alright, let's talk about the stuff that really makes a difference when it comes to pairing necklaces with big earrings: materials. At Melinda Maria, we know that mixing and matching metals and gemstones can take your outfit from "meh" to mesmerizing in no time.

When you've got killer gold statement earrings that practically scream "glam” adding a necklace into the mix is all about staying in the same metallic family. Our She’s a Natural Infinity Necklace in gold is like the perfect sidekick to your gold earrings—keeping things sleek, stylish, and oh-so-coordinated.

Now, let's talk color. Whether you're into bold or subtle, picking the right color necklace to complement your large earrings can really make a statement. Picture this: you've got these dazzling blue opal hoop earrings that catch the light in all the right ways. Don’t be afraid to double down on the opal. Pair them with our Grand Heiress Blue Opal Tennis Necklace and you've got yourself a match made in accessory heaven. It's all about bringing out the best of your statement earring while adding a touch of glamor to your look.


For Every Occasion

Whether you're chilling with friends or stepping out for a fancy shindig, we've got the inside scoop on how to rock your big earrings and necklace combo with that signature Melinda Maria flair.

For those laid-back hangouts or weekend escapades, keep your jewelry game effortlessly chic. Think simple like a pendant necklace or tennis style paired with your large statement earrings. Our Mama Baroness Tennis Necklace adds just the right touch of diamond charm to your casual look without stealing the spotlight. It's all about that laid-back vibe that says you're effortlessly stylish, even when you're just grabbing coffee with pals.

When it's time to glam up for a fancy soirée, it's all about making a statement with your jewelry. Opt for necklaces with intricate designs and eye-catching details to complement your earrings and command attention. Our She’s an Icon Riviera Tennis Necklace features luxurious details, perfect for adding glamor to any formal ensemble. is the epitome of elegance, with its dazzling gemstones and luxurious allure. Pair it with your favorite summer jewelry and statement earrings, and you'll be turning heads all night long. So go ahead, own that red carpet moment and show off your personal style with confidence.

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